Parents and Teachers Corner...

Our policy

We guarantee the safety and welfare of your children/students as of paramount importance.


Our mission Statement explains this, please read this together with the file on student information , what to expect in the United Kingdom and rule of behaviour 



Please note that we have Zero Tolerance to Bullying and students who do not follow our simple, but fundamental rules will be removed from any program. The protection of your children/students is a priority and therefore please take note of our policies.

At International College we guarantee a quality program, a safe environment, quality language course and happy children. 





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Registration and Enrolment

Please send us a link on the below form, we will then send you instructions and all the necessary steps for the registering of your child/students on all of our programs, there is also the payment methods and assistant in obtaining a visa if your child/student is not part of the EU or requires a visa to enter the UK.